Announces their new DIY Rain barrel kit with a Flex Fit Diverter


If you have access to a plastic food grade barrel 
You can now
Build Your Own Rain Barrel

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This rain barrel kit has everything you will need to build a complete leak proof rain barrel.  All you will need is a plastic food grade barrel or a wood whiskey barrel, an electric drill, a pairs of pliers and 15 minutes time.

This kit comes with a completely automatic Flex Fit rain water diverter.

The Flex Fit diverter fits both 2" by 3" and 3" by 4" downspouts.  The Diverter will divert rain water from your downspout into your rain barrel, until the rain barrel is full, and then automatically send the rest of the water back through the down spout, or into a second or third rain barrel, and then back through the downspout.

Complete instructions are included with the kit

Extremely Important Information

Make absolutely sure you are using a FOOD GRADE barrel to make your rain barrel!!! 

Even though water from a rain barrel should never be used for human consumption, a child may drink from the rain barrel spigot, and if it has had chemicals in it, this could be very dangerous.  

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This page was last edited 5/30/2014